How to get money fast and totally online via payday loan

Discover how to get money to cope with small incidentals that can unbalance your economic situation. With the minicréditos, you can get up to 1,200 euros in minutes, without paperwork and without complications. Compare for free and discover how to get quick money with mini-credits:

Where can I get money fast?

Thanks to the evolution of the financial market and the appearance of new fintech companies, there are currently a large number of entities that can grant us a quick credit in a matter of minutes so that we can resolve any unforeseen event. Let’s see what are all the options we have at our disposal:

  • Banks: although resorting to banks, especially to the one in which we have an open current account, is usually our first resource, credit institutions are not the ones that offer the quickest loans. The most common quick loans from banks are the pre-granted loans that are not available to all customers, only those that the bank has selected.
  • Private financial entities: they are the kings of quick money. With private financial entities, we can get money in a few minutes and their requirements are laxer than in banks, although they are usually a bit more expensive.
  • Non-financial companies: it is also possible to get fast money in commercial chains and department stores to finance the purchase of a good or service of the establishment. These businesses offer loans thanks to agreements that have come with a financial to offer this service.

Depending on our personal situation and our need for financing, we will be happy to request quick money from one entity or another. For example, if we want to finance the purchase of a computer, the best option will be to look for financing in a telephone company. On the other hand, if we need extra liquidity to fix a flat tire, the most appropriate option will be to go to private lenders.

3 advantages of private companies to get fast money

Private lenders focus on offering products of different amounts of capital that we can request through the Internet and get it in a few moments. There are two types of quick loans with which to obtain liquidity quickly: mini online credits and fast loans. Their differences are the price range they offer and the method of return, which in the minicréditos is less money to return in 30 days and in the fast credits we can ask for greater amounts of capital to be returned in monthly installments. Despite their differences, fast online loans with which we can obtain urgent money share common advantages such as the following:

  • The entire process is done through the Internet: when we go to the private credit sector, at no time will we have to do some face-to-face process, the required documents can be sent by email. This allows us to enjoy greater comfort during the process and without losing time in annoying transfers.
  • We can request them at any time of the day: this is another of the most beneficial features of these credits since they allow us to request them during any day of the week and obtain a quick response.
  • They offer more flexibility: depending on the company we go to, with the quick loans from private equity companies, we can access the money with more lax requirements. With some of the online mini-credit companies, it is possible to get fast money even with outstanding debts, unlike banks, which do not allow us or hire credit cards if we appear in a delinquency file.

These are the main advantages of resorting to the private sector to obtain urgent money, in any case, the choice of the company will depend on the amount we are looking for and the purpose we need to cover. Therefore, the most indicated is that, in view of the wide range available in the market, we can compare which products best suit our needs.

3 documents to request quick credits

To access the quick credits are hardly necessary documents, however, yes we must deliver a minimum of procedures for the entity to verify that they are not supplanting our identity and to confirm that we are solvent enough to repay the money quickly within the agreed term without a problem. The documents required may vary depending on the lender, but the most common is that they request the following documents:

  1. Identification document: to certify that we are of legal age and resident in the national territory. In general, the national identity document, the NIE or the passport will be used.
  2. Proof of income: some companies could ask us for a receipt that certifies the receipt of regular income and its origin, such as the receipt of the payroll that our company gives us each month.
  3. Bank statement: so that the lender knows our monthly income and expenses and so that it can analyze if we respond punctually to our financial obligations such as receipts, card payments, loan letters …

Depending on the entity where we request the quick credit and the amount that we request, the entities will ask us for more or fewer documents. Normally, the more funding we request, the more documents we will have to provide for the entities to carry out the analyzes prior to the approval of the quick money.

Steps to follow to get fast money easily

Next, let’s see step by step how to get urgent money by following some simple instructions of the process that will not take us almost time. Of course, each entity establishes its own procedure, but generally, the process to be followed will be as follows:

  1. Choose quantity and term: first, we must select what amount we will request and at what time we want to return it. Thanks to the simulators of the web pages of the lender companies, we will be able to know the cost of the interests according to the variables that we have selected.
  2. Complete the form: we must fill in the online form with the personal, financial and contact information requested, which will serve to perform the analysis of our profile and approve or not our request.
  3. Send documents: then, we must send by email the documents that you request, which are usually a copy of the identity document, proof of income and a bank statement.
  4. Sign the contract: once the application process is finished, we have to carefully read the contract and sign it. Then, we must send it back to formalize the entire process with which we will get fast money.

Once we have sent the signed contract, we will proceed to carry out the transfer by the company and we can enjoy it in a matter of minutes. As we can see, it is a very simple process that can be carried out very quickly at any time.

Requirements to get money urgently

Normally to get fast and easy money via payday loan at, the requirements that we must meet will be very simple. In private companies, the conditions for accepting our request will be looser than in banks, although each entity will apply certain requirements and conditions that we must meet in order to access the financing we need. The vast majority of fast money entities will require us to meet the following requirements in order to access the quick loans:

  • Be of legal age (sometimes the minimum age to access the financing we need will be 21 years old)
  • Be a permanent resident in Spain and have a DNI or NIE that certifies it.
  • Have regular and sufficient income (in the case of mini credits the minimum income will be 500 euros.The more money we request, the higher the minimum income limit will be)
  • Do not have outstanding debts: most of the financing companies do not admit clients registered in a defaulter file, such as ASNEF.

Fulfilling these simple conditions, we will not have any problem in getting the financing we need in a few minutes. If we need to get fast money with ASNEF, we can request quick credits that admit people registered in files of defaulters, although for this we must fulfill some additional requirements.

How to get fast money without payroll?

Many people do not have a payroll but if they receive monthly income on a regular basis because they work as self-employed workers, they are pensioners or receive unemployment benefits. If we are in any of the above situations and we need to get money quickly, but we do not have a payroll, it will not be an impediment to obtain the credit we need. As long as our income is enough to repay the mini-loan without problems, the chances of getting fast money are high. These are some examples of periodic income we can have to access fast money:

  1. Unemployment benefit: if we charge unemployment, we can present the relevant documents that certify that we enjoy this benefit to access the quick credits.
  2. Rent: if we have an apartment in property that we are renting, we can also present the rental documentation to verify that we receive periodic and justifiable income.
  3. Pension: if we are retired and we receive the retirement pension, we will not have any problem when requesting fast loans.
  4. Scholarship: if we receive a periodic scholarship, we can also request loans although there are specific credits for scholarship holders. The so-called “scholarship advances”.
  5. Salary as self-employed: if we work on our own and receive sufficient income, we will probably be able to access the financing we need.

In short, any type of document that certifies that we receive a sufficient monthly payment to cover the repayment of the credits, we will not have any problem requesting the financing we need. We must bear in mind that in order to accept our request our income must be coherent with respect to the capital we ask for.

At the time of making our request, we will only have to attach a document, a bank statement or a receipt that shows that we have this income on a regular basis. According to the financial institution we go to, you can ask us to show our income for the last month or up to the last three months. However, as long as we enjoy regular, justifiable and sufficient income to repay the money from the loan that we hire, we should not worry about accessing the financing we need.

3 tricks to get fast money in minutes

When we apply for quick loans our goal is to get money urgently as soon as possible. Normally the lenders will perform the preliminary analysis in a few minutes and transfer the money to us almost immediately. Despite this, there are times when money may take longer to reach our checking account. These are some variables that can influence the granting time:

  1. Schedule: to ensure that our application is processed as quickly as possible, it is best to fill out the application form during customer service hours. Although, when dealing with online loans, we can request them at any time the processing will be done during the customer service hours.
  2. Documentation: we must make sure that all the paperwork we send is up to date and legible. Any problem with the documentation will cause the application process to slow down.
  3. Current account: if we need money urgently, we must choose a lender that works with our same entity since transfers between the same entity are usually immediate, while transfers between different entities usually take longer. Therefore, if we want to get fast money instantly, we must go to the quick loans that work with the bank where we have our current account.

What to keep in mind when applying for quick loans?

Before going to the quick money loans we must take into account that they are a form of financing designed for specific economic contingencies whose reimbursement is made after a very short time so we must ensure that we can reimburse them without problems and give them a use responsible for not falling into a spiral of debt. Before applying for quick credits we must take into account the following factors:

  • The interest of the quick loans does not work the same as that of the banking entities. For them, the APR is a representative interest, since it is a short-term service and they also do not charge opening fees or management fees. Banking financing interests are regulated according to the TIN and the APR and also include extra commissions that increase the total cost.
  • The repayment term of the mini credits does not usually exceed 30 days, except for some lenders that grant a limit term increase (charging the extra service). Therefore, before hiring them we must ensure that we can return the total cost of the loan in the agreed time.
  • It is not advisable to use a loan to pay another loan since, in reality, it will continue with debt on top. It would only be advisable in the event that the second loan was much cheaper than the first one and we could use it to liquidate the expensive loan and pay less.

It is important that we take these aspects into account, as they will help us to carry out a secure contracting and make responsible use of the credits instantly. Getting fast money can be tempting, especially with the offers that currently exist in the market. However, as we have already remarked, we should not get carried away by these promotions if we do not have a real need.